Haneul: Blake, are you feeling ok? You’re looking a little distant again. Can you hear me?

Blake: Hnnh? Oh. Yeah. I hear you. Sorry, I was…gone for a minute there.

Hanuel: Gone as in..? Are your powers ok? Have you made sure you kept up with your meditating?

Blake: Meditating…? Why would I be…?

Hanuel: Because Lavinia told you it’s important! It’s the only way to stop your powers running rampant again! Oh Blake, you have to pay more attention!

Blake: Running rampant? I’ve been having a hard enough time trying to get my powers to do anything at all, let alone go wild. That’s kinda the problem. Hence, Magician. If there was risk of them going crazy, I wouldn’t be using your Catalyst Stone, would I?

Hanuel: That’s true… Maybe it was important for a different reason then…

Blake: Wait, what? You mean, you’re not even sure what she said?

Hanuel: Well, no, I just remember she said it was useful and that you should do it. I sort of filled in the rest on my own.

Blake: Haneul! You’re such a drama queen!


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