Hanuel: Lavinia! Lavinia, come quickly!

Lavinia: Why, Haneul, whatever is the matter?

Hanuel: Over there, that gentleman, look! I think he might be hurt, there, look! He’s bleeding!

Lavinia: My word… We should help him. Come.

Blake: Hey wait! Stop, keep your distance! You can feel it, can’t you?

Hanuel: Blake, now isn’t the time for that! He’s hurt! He could be dying!

Blake: Exactly! Come on now, you know I’m not the sort who’d avoid helping someone, but think about it! I can feel his magic from here! If his control slips and we’re too close, we’re done for!

Lavinia: … … …

Blake: Never thought I’d be the voice of reason around here…

Hanuel: But…We can’t just ignore him…

Lavinia: … … …

Percival: I’ll go to him. If something were to happen, there’s no reason we all need to be in its reach.

Lavinia: Percival…

Blake: Hey, now wait a minute! Percival, what are you doing!?

Lavinia: It’s all right. Even if something like that were to happen, Percival can take it. Let him go.

Blake: You can’t mean that…

Haneul: Drop it, Blake. Lavinia’s right. And we have to do something!

Percival: I’ll be alright, Blake, it’s just a precaution.

Blake: I don’t like this.

The injured man’s power thrummed through the air all around him, offering a warning, and Blake was right to be cautious. But for all the tension in the air, like a dark cloud threatening rain, the promised storm never came. When at last he was satisfied that everything was under control, Percival signalled for the others to approach.

The injured man was unconscious, and in a sorry state, but upon closer inspection, it looked as though his life was in no immediate danger.

Percival: He needs rest, and someone to properly tend to his wounds, but, in theory, it shouldn’t take much more than that.

Lavinia: That’s reassuring. Can you lift him? It would probably be best that he came back with us; I don’t want to subject him to the Healers’ scrutiny if we don’t have to.

Percival: None of his bones are broken, and he shouldn’t be difficult to carry, but…

Haneul: He’s been walking this far. If he’s bleeding on the inside, then he’s already done himself more damage than us moving him would.

Lavinia: We don’t have a lot of options. Let’s get him home, and take it from there. If needs be, we can still fetch for a Healer.

Percival: All right…

Lavinia: Blake? What’s the matter? You still seem uneasy.

Blake: I am uneasy. It’s just… That amount of magic… It’s not right. Even if he can control it, we should keep our guards up. Human mages don’t carry that sort of power by natural means…

Lavinia: I see your point. Still, he might be able to offer us an explanation for that once he’s rested. If he can, would that satisfy you?

Blake: Yeah, it would definitely help, though I can’t promise to just look past this right away. You get why, right?

Hanuel: He might not even be human, Blake. He could be half-Elf, or Yukionna, or a Dragon-

Blake: Yeah, all right, I get it, Haneul. But none of that’s really the point. If it turns out he’s one of those things, great, at least we know he can carry that kind of magic, but it still doesn’t tell us what he intends to do with it or how he managed to get into this mess. There are a lot of questions he’s going to need to answer before we have any idea just what we’re dealing with.

Lavinia: All in due time, Blake. I don’t intend to put anyone in harm’s way.

Blake: ‘Cept Percival…

Hanuel: Blake!


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