Blake: They’ve been in there an awful long time. I swear, if he tries anything, or harms Percival in any way, I’m going to-

Haneul: For crying out loud, Blake! Just cut it out, would you!? Percival will be fine! He’s more than strong enough to handle one, half-dead mage!

Blake: Well forgive me for worrying about him! I just don’t like the idea of leaving him alone with some stranger we know nothing about, who’s strong enough that he’s probably making the bath water boil just by being in the same room as it!

Lavinia: Both of you, enough! Blake, I’m sure Percival would be touched by your concern, but he is a very sensible man, and he wouldn’t have volunteered for this task if he didn’t think he could handle it. And Haneul, please, there was no need to lose your temper like that.

Blake: … … …

Haneul: … … …

Blake: You’re right, you’re right. Sorry. I just- Argh, sometimes I’m not convinced that he wouldn’t knowingly put himself in danger like that. You know, if it meant one of us wouldn’t.

Lavinia: I can understand that.

Percival: Is everything alright in here?

Dressed in something less blood-stained, the man at Percival’s right suddenly looked quite normal, although his pale face suggested it was going to take a bit more than just a hot bath and some clean clothes to get him looking well again. Nonetheless, his manner seemed quite amiable.

Percival: Everyone, allow me to introduce you to Amalric.

Amalric: A pleasure to meet you, all of you. I owe you a great debt.

Lavinia: Think nothing of it. My name is Lavinia, and I am the Lady of this household.

Haneul: I’m Hanuel, Sorcerer, nice to meet you!

Blake: Blake, also a Sorcerer, hello, I guess?

Amalric: A whole house of Sorcerers. I’ll confess, that doesn’t quite feel like it was chance…

Percival: Amalric has travelled a very long way. If it’s alright with all of you, I had thought we might discuss this in the morning?

Lavinia: Of course. Percival, please make Amalric feel at home.

Percival: Of course.

Amalric: Thank you, Lady Lavinia. You are very kind.

Percival: Here, this way. You can lean on me.

Amalric: Thank you…

As the pair left, a heavy silence fell about the room, each mage forced to reassess their previous thoughts. The agitation in Blake’s breathing was hard to miss, and Haneul scratched at the surface of the table as she was warrant to do when deep in consideration. At last, Lavinia was forced to break the silence.

Lavinia: Perhaps some rest might do us all some good. It has been far more of an eventful day than I am used to, at least. I shall bid you both a good night.

Haneul: You might be right. Until the morning then. Good night, you two!

Blake: Night, Haneul. Good night, Lavinia. See you in the morning.


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