Although the manor house was quite often full of energy, of a magical, academic sort, it had been many years since it had last felt busy. Lavinia had not replaced any of the servants, and for a time the house had been occupied only by herself and Percival. When it was agreed that Blake and Haneul would join them, it regained some of its former liveliness, but the group had never wanted for anything, and had never needed to make haste. With the addition of Amalric, the change in the atmosphere of the house was even tangible.

Hanuel: Right! I’ve done the calculations, and this is it! This is how big our wall would need to be to surround the whole of Eruvene!

Blake: Ok, I think even our Earth Sorceress is going to balk at that a bit… What height were you using when you calculated it?

Hanuel: About two metres, but if I’m honest, I reckon we’d probably want it higher than that. I mean, I don’t want to stir up any trouble, but the Centaurs are some of Arach’lor’s most devoted followers, and most of them are over two metres tall as is.

Blake: Sheesh! You don’t think we’re going to end up having to defend ourselves from them too, do you!?

Amalric: I’d feel comfortable saying it’s highly unlikely. At this stage, they are mostly looking for magical sources. If it were to come to an actual war, which I daresay it might some many years from now, then yes, it is possible we could count the Centaurs among our enemies. As it stands, there is very little, if any, magic among their race, so it’s unlikely that they have even been considered yet.

Blake: Ok, that’s good to know. So what are we thinking then? Three metres? It’ll be impossible to ever build a wall high enough that the vast majority of the city can’t be seen over it anyway, given that everything just keeps building on top of itself, but three metres should be enough for a decent start? Even if just for the calculations.

Hanuel: We’ll use three to fill the numbers for now, but I’ll see what information I can find on Florinye’s castle town too, as that would probably be the best thing to base this around. Moving on though, over… here… is what I think we should do about gates!

Meanwhile, in the vast underground study that spanned the house’s lowest floor, Lavinia and Percival were trying what they could to craft a Shielding spell.

Lavinia: So let me just check this once more before I begin; Shielding spells have their own array, and to start with, I’m only likely to need the one, innermost circle?

Percival: That’s right. In addition, there are two main types of Shielding spell; Aggressive and Defensive. Aggressive shields will inflict some form of harm or damage upon anything that should come into contact with them, whilst Defensive shields use that energy for better endurance. The spell’s type is determined primarily through the elements in the centre and inner circle. For the purpose of our wall, I’d say we’d be much safer with a Defensive type.

Lavinia: I see, so I want four element discs, one for the centre, and three for the inner circle. And I want a Defensive combination effect…


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