Lavinia: Aha! There we have it! One simple, Defensive Shielding spell. (And it’s got a Restorative effect too!)

Percival: Beautifully done. That at least gives us something to start with. With the wall containing its own catalyst stones, it shouldn’t be difficult to make this span its whole length. With some strategic placement of the actual casting, we might be able to support something stronger as well, but it’s difficult to gauge that without the existence of the wall itself.

Lavinia: I’ll keep looking at this then, and try and see what improvements I can make without increasing its cost too much. I reckon Blake might have a knack for this too, actually. He’s very accustomed to maximising a spell’s capacity on minimal energy…

Percival: I believe he would appreciate that, if not necessarily for your reasoning.

Lavinia: Perhaps. I shall speak to him about it. But I meant to ask, how are you finding all of this? I know I have asked quite a lot of you, and Amalric certainly seems closer to you than the rest of us.

Percival: I think, for Amalric, it is simply a matter of time. I don’t think he entirely knows how to respond to how friendly everyone is. Perhaps I am less…

Lavinia: Imposing?

Percival: That wasn’t the word I was looking for, but I think you understand what I mean at least. I am… plainer. Perhaps it makes me easier to become accustomed to.

Lavinia: You still haven’t lost some of your old ways, at least when it comes to trying to please people. But Percival, please, you must tell me if I am putting too much strain upon you. You already do so much for me, and to have now taken on the orb research as well… I just don’t want you to hurt yourself.

Percival: Thank you, Lavinia, I appreciate the concern. But I would rather do what I can to help now, at this stage, while I am able. Once things become more advanced, I fear my element will prevent me from being much help to you.

Lavinia: I see. I wish there was something I could say, but I thank you for being so forward-thinking. I hope, even when things do become more involved, I may continue to have your non-magical support?

Percival: Of course. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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